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The Aspire Wallet
The Aspire Wallet


The Aspire Wallet

A slick designed smart wallet made from premium materials. The Aspire Wallet fans out all your cards at the click of a button and its slim back pouch allows you to carry more while keeping a slim profile. The built in RFID blocker prevents theft and ensures that all of your card info is safe and secure. 


• Fans out your cards

 • Blocks RFID (wireless theft)

 • Holds 1-15 cards + bills (1-6 in the cardholder)

Say Goodbye To Bulky Wallets!

Say goodbye to chunky wallets with the Aspire Wallet. With its nice slim design it makes fiddling with your wallet a thing of the past. You will have more space than ever with the new slim profile design. The Aspire Wallet can seamlessly hold up to 14 cards & 20 Bills at a fraction of the size of a traditional wallet. And with the advanced trigger mechanism, just a push of your fingertip to select the card of your choice instantly. It’s a reimagination of what the modern wallet can be.

Ejection Mechanism

The Aspire Wallets card ejection mechanism fans out all your cards with just one click of a button. Making accessing your cars 10x easier.